Popular Pet Bird Breeds

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Popular Pet Bird Breeds
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Many individuals choose to obtain a bird for a pet. There are many different pet bird breeds. Here, you will be introduced to the most common pet bird breeds. If you are interested in purchasing a bird, you should thoroughly research each pet breed to determine which type will be most suitable for you. Different birds have different personalities, care requirements, and socialization issues. By taking the time to research the various breeds that are available, you will be able to determine the type that will be most appropriate for you.


Popular Pet Bird Breeds CanaryCanary
Everyone loves the canary. These birds are so well loved that this is the most popular breed of the bird when it comes to pet ownership. These birds have been rumored to have the most beautiful voice when it comes to singing. If you are interested in obtaining this breed for the singing voice, it is important to ensure that it is a male bird. Female canaries have been recognized as the “non-singers”. These birds are normally appropriate for any type of family, as they adjust relatively well. However, it is important to note that the male canary will begin to sing early in the morning – around daybreak. If you work a late shift, or like to sleep in a little, this breed may not be appropriate for you.


Popular Pet Bird Breeds CockatielCockatiel
The cockatiel is also a common type of pet bird breed. These birds are known for their easy and carefree nature. Individuals who own these birds will be able to easily breed them, and handle them. Many pet owners of the cockatiel have stated that it is relatively easy to train these beautiful birds. Cockatiels can grow relatively large. There are reported cases of these bird types growing over a foot in length. If you are in search of a bird that will grow to be large, this is a great choice. The cockatiel is part of the parrot family, and is extremely friendly. This makes a great pet bird for large families, and even the single retiree.


Popular Pet Bird Breeds LovebirdLovebird
Lovebirds are well enjoyed by many pet owners. These birds average approximately half a foot in length, and are noted for being extremely social when it comes to other birds and pet owners alike. They display bright, vibrant colors and love to flaunt their stuff. This type of bird is easy to please when it comes to food and housing. It has been stated that as far as care is concerned, the lovebird is relatively inexpensive. If you are looking to own a bird, but are also on a limited budget, the lovebird will prove to be exactly what you are looking for.


Popular Pet Bird Breeds MacawMacaw
If you are looking for an extremely large and lavish pet bird breed, the macaw may be perfect for you! Originating from the beautiful and exotic jungles in Panama, these birds have adjusted through many generations in rainforests and the tropical environment. This bird pet breed is great for the individual who has a lot of time to devote to the animal. The macaw is very keen on being social and will actually demand your attention. Feeding it is relatively simple. It loves different types of fruits, and vegetables. The macaw is perfectly content to consume carrots, tropical nuts, and even lettuce.


Popular Pet Bird Breeds ParakeetParakeet
Parakeets are exceptional creatures and make the perfect pet for many individuals. There are many different color schemes and personality traits among the parakeets, but the one that the potential pet owner needs to consider is the fact that these birds are relatively shy around other animals and people. These birds are not naturally inclined to be social, and it may prove to be quite difficult to train and handle the animals. They do not demand large amounts of attention, so, if you want a bird that is easy to handle and requires little work on your part, this is the perfect pet!


Popular Pet Bird Breeds Zebra FinchZebra Finch
If you are in search of a common, inexpensive pet bird breed, the zebra finch should be at the top of your list. These birds are relatively small, and require little effort on the part of the owner. These birds sing songs that consist of quiet chirps. Many have stated that it is relaxing to hear the sounds associated with the zebra finch because they are not as hard on the ears as larger birds who squeal loudly. The down side to these animals is that they lack general social skills. This means that it will prove to be quite difficult to hold and/or train this type of pet bird breed.

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