How to make a dog water bottle stand

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How to make a dog water bottle stand
How to make a dog water bottle stand
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Why should you add water to your pet’s diet? There are a lot of reasons behind this among them improving digestion, preventing health problems, and stimulating appetite. However, how can you make sure that your fur-friend will access water when he needs it? Here is how. You can make a good dog water fountain so that you can maintain a constant supply of water for your pets. To help you get an idea of how to make a dog water bottle stand I have discussed two methods of making such a stand. Read on and get an idea of the items you need and the steps that you need to follow.

Method 1

What will you need?


Making a Sealable opening at the top of the dispenser bottle:

  1. Take one of the plastic beverage bottles and cut 1/8 of the part near the bottle’s shoulder. Note that you should do this with the bottle’s cap on since this will serve as the seal of the water dispenser bottle.
  2. Next, take the water dispenser bottle and place the cut part of the bottle on its mouth with the cap facing down.
  3. Using the marker, mark the area that matches the opening point of the dispenser.
  4. Once you are through, pick the pair of scissors and use it to cut along the markings.
  5. Take the amended water bottle piece and use it to close the opening of the dispenser bottle with the lid facing up. Here, you will note that the lid will not form a secure seal. Therefore, pick the silicone and form a layer in the inner corner parts of the water dispenser bottle.
  6. Next, take the pop bottle piece and slip it into the silicone. When it is in, lift the piece and twist it so that it can seal into the desired position. When this process is through, you will note that some silicone will get out of place. Therefore, use your finger and take the excess silicone and use it to form an air-tight seal on the bottle dispenser opening.


Making the water dispenser point on the bottom of the water dispenser bottle:

  1. Take the second pop bottle and cut it on the area between the collar and neck using a hacksaw. Using the sandpaper, smoothen the area you have just cut so that it is easy to fix it on the dispenser bottle.
  2. Using the new pop bottle piece, mark a position on the bottom of the water dispenser so that you can get an idea of where the piece will go.
  3. When that is done, use a drill and cut a hole at the center of the marked spot. Next, place the silicone on the lip of the new pop bottle piece and fix this on the hole on the bottom.


Once you have completed the process, give the silicone at least 24 hours so that it can dry to form a tight seal. Using the top opening, fill the bottle with water while taking caution to avoid damaging the openings.

Place the bottle into the Kitty litter tray and open the cap on the bottom of the bottle. You will note that the water will dispense on the tray and stop draining at the point where the water in the tray equals to the one on this opening.


Method 2

Items you will need:


  1. Pick the plywood piece meant for the base. Using the PVC coupler, mark a rounded shape on the corners meant to face the front. Next, use the jigsaw, and cut the corners along the marked points. Finally, smoothen the corners using the sandpaper so that you can be sure to get a paw-friendly stand.
  2. Take the rectangular piece meant for the stand. Sand and smoothen it so that it safe enough for use with pets.
  3. Using the drill machine, pre-drill two holes in the base (this step allows you to have an easy time when assembling the parts). Next, use two of the screws and use them to attach the two pieces of wood.
  4. Using a marker, make two points which should be 1″ apart and cut along the marks using a hacksaw. Get sandpaper and use it to smooth out the edges so that you can get a unit that is pet-friendly.
  5. Get a marker and use it to mark the coupler at the points where you expect to attach the coupler and the plywood stand. Drill the coupler along these points so that you can have an easy time fixing the coupler and the piece of wood.
  6. Once you are ready, use the remaining screws and fix the coupler and the wood meant for the stand. Finally, pick your bottle and fill it with water. Slide it into the coupler upside down and make sure that the hourglass part of the bottle is lying in the middle of the coupler.
  7. Place the bowl on the base of the stand so that it can lie directly below the mouth of the bottle. Remove the cap from the bottle’s mouth so that it can drain the water on the bowl. You will note that the bottle will stop draining the water as soon as the level on the bowl reaches that its mouth. That way, you are set to go and leave your pet to quench his/her thirst.


Final Verdict

It is crucial for you to ensure your pet remains hydrated at all times. One of the ways to do this is to make a good dog water fountain so that you can maintain a constant supply of water. So, try and follow one of the steps above and be sure to keep your dogs hydrated at all times.

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